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Easy SiteWriter (ESW)

Easy Site Writer can be used to create your website without the need for any special design tools or knowledge of HTML. In the context of our Easy Site Writer, a site is a collection of pages and images that you can design using your web browser and then publish to your website once you are satisfied with it. You can create multiple sites and publish the one that you are happiest with.

Getting Started with the Easy Site Writer

Once you are logged into the Website Control Panel

1) Click Easy Site Writer on the left.

2) Click the Create New Site button to begin creating your site from a template

Below the words Select Existing Site to Edit are the current templates in use. If this is your first time in the ESW this will be blank.

You will be taken to a second page where you will be given the opportunity to designate a Website Name. The website name is used in the title section of the web page and in the heading of the page. For example, if this is a company website, change the website name to the name of the company.

Then you will be asked for a tagline for your website. By default, we just place the website's URL in the tagline field. Feel free to change that if you have a better tagline, such as a phrase that describes what the site is about.

3) Select a template which best represents your site. Our Easy Site Writer includes many predesigned templates to help you quickly make a visually pleasing website. You can select a template by clicking on the thumbnail image of the template that you like the best.

Note: The photos within the templates cannot be changed at this time.

4) You will then be asked to create a site menu designating the additional pages neccesary for your site. This page lets you create the menu and the pages that the menu links to. You will be able to add, remove, and rename menu items from the Edit Menu page.
Some common default settings have been provided to the right for your convenience.
Click Create Menu when you are ready to continue.

5) You will now see the rough layout of your site. From here the steps are the same regardless of when the site was created. So clicking on an existing site at step 2 will bring you to this page for editing.

NOTE: Although you can create as many versions of your site as you wish from this area you can only publish one site at a time with the Easy Site Writer. If you select an alternate version of your site and click publish it will overwrite the version currently residing on the server. However this does not remove the original template of the site from your Easy Site Writer Interface.

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Edit an Existing ESW page

To edit an existing site template select Easy Site Writer from the left and then click on the thumbnail (small photo representation) of the site you wish to edit. You will then be taken to the Edit Your Site Menu page where you can change the pages of your site.

Once you are in the ESW editing section you can select the page you want to edit by clicking on its menu name under Select Page to Edit.

You will be taken to another page. This may be considered a pop-up by your pop-up blocker. If the page does not open check the top of your browser for a message from your pop-up blocker and select always allow pop-ups from this site.

From this editor you can upload graphics, add scripts, and change the text. Click on the area you wish to change to select it and make changes.

To access the html editor for your page click the html button at the bottom of the editing page. This allows you to add scripting code, or change the html coding of your page. A basic knowledge of html coding is required to use these functions.

Warning: You must save your work with the save button in the upper left hand corner of the editor or click [ctrl + s] before closing or your changes will be lost. There is no autosave function in this program.
If you have switched to the html version of your editor you must switch back to the Edit version to save or click [ctrl + s].

To return your page to the last saved version while working in the editor click the F5 button on your keyboard.

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Editing the Site menu with Easy Site Writer

This page lets you edit the menu and the pages that the menu links to. The Move Up and Move Down options can be used to relocate menu items within the menu. (NOTE: The Home page cannot be moved or renamed.) You can remove a menu item and the associated page by clicking the Delete option. You can rename a menu item by clicking the Rename option.

To edit the content of a page, click on the name of that page under the heading Select Page to Edit and the page editor will load in front of the Website Control Center.

To add a new menu item, type the new menu item title into the text box and then click the Add Menu Item button.

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Uploading files with ESW

Warning: Any files that you wish to use for display within the Easy Site Writer will need to be uploaded through the Easy Site Writer interface using the upload buttons. Any files that are transferred via FTP will not show in the Easy Site Writer interface and cannot be used although they are actually residing on the server.

Use the various upload and insert commands in the top row of the editing window to upload and insert media.

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Resizing Photos with ESW

Once a photo is uploaded to the server you can adjust the display size of the image by entering its properties.

  1. Right Click on the image and then left click on Image properties
  2. You may get a warning message if you have a pop-up blocker. You will want to Always Allow Pop-Ups from this site at the top of the page . * You will have to start over and insert the image again if this happens.
  3. You can move the image anywhere in the page by left clicking on it and dragging to the desired position and releasing the mouse.

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Delete an ESW site

To delete an ESW site click the Delete Site button from the Edit Site Menu window. You will be taken to a second page. Here you either verify that you still want to Delete Your Site or Return to Edit Menu Without Deleting by selecting the appropriate button.

After clicking Delete this Site you will be returned to the ESW screen to select another site to edit.

The Delete Site option will remove this site from the Easy Site Writer. Any Edits you have made to this site will be lost.

If you have published ths site to the server, the published content will remain on your website even after you delete the site from the ESW interface.

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Change a website's name or tagline

If you want to change the website name (title) or tagline, click the Edit Website Name button from the ESW editing page.

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Preview Site Pages

To preview your site, click on the thumbnail labeled Preview Site from the site editor. A second page will pop-up and display your site. If you have a pop-up blocker you may need to allow pop-ups on this site to view the preview.

Warning: You can only preview one template at a time. If you change templates please close the preview box and re-open to view the new design.

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Change the Template

To change your template once your page is created simply click the Change Template button and select a different background for your site. This does not delete your previously entered menu items.

Note: Each site can use only one template at a time. All pages of your site will look identical except for the content you enter and the page selected indication in the menu.

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Publishing with Easy Site Writer

When you are satisfied with your site and ready to share it with the world, click the Publish Site button. You will be taken to a second page. (NOTE: You can only publish one version of your site from the Easy Site Writer at a time. Publishing a site will overwrite any previous site you have published.)

If you make changes to your site through the ESW interface after you Publish your site, you will need to re-Publish your site to make those changes appear on the World Wide Web.

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